Kidroom Felt Wool Decor

  • Handcraft animal head bookmark

    Handcraft animal head bookmark

    Reasons for recommendation Every child has his or her favorite book. Some of them will be read repeatedly before going to bed. Sometimes they will mark the favorite page so that they can find it in the shortest time. At this point, the children need a bookmark. We have prepared for you, the most popular bookmark for children, the lovely felt animal head bookmark. When we close the book, we will see the lovely lamb smiling at us. One of the best gifts for kids, none of them!
  • The kids room décor wool unicorn

    The kids room décor wool unicorn

    Reasons for recommendation Unicorns are magical animals that can dream, and we put them in our children's rooms, too. The unicorn is made of pure wool, and its body is decorated with shining beads, which will make children love it! We always hope to give our children a comfortable space full of dreams. Soft Wool gives people a comfortable and safe feeling, is a very suitable material for children's room decoration. We use hand-made rainbow wall hanging decorations, with children's favor...
  • The wool rainbow raindrop wall decor