Felt Wool Animals

  • Assorted cute handmade felt dog sailors
  • Cute felt sheep ornament

    Cute felt sheep ornament

    Reasons for recommendation A family of handmade felt sheep with imitation fur is the most popular group of all our wool felt sheep series at present. They are sheep father, sheep mother, sheep brother and lamb sister. The family's Keepsake is a copper bell. The Green Leaf Necklace adds a touch of Christmas. The lovely sheep family is worth buying home as a gift on any holiday
  • Felt fishing beaver ornament

    Felt fishing beaver ornament

    Reasons for recommendation Beaver is a large species of rodents, belonging to semi aquatic animals, living in the northern hemisphere in the cold zone, can live under the ice. There are only two species left in the world: one is the American beaver, which is distributed in the northern United States, Canada and Alaska, and the other is the beaver living in Eurasia, northern Asia and Europe. Today we recommend three beavers from Canada. They all like to eat fish and are good at fishing. The...
  • Felt wool Cycling animals ornament

    Felt wool Cycling animals ornament

    Reasons for recommendation Do you remember the cartoon movie "Zootopia" that swept the world in 2016? Have you ever imagined that animals ride bicycles like us? Today we bring you our felt animal riding series. The handsome Mr. elk, The Cool Mr. rhinoceros Mr. giraffe in gentleness, Miss alpaca and clever monkey are all on the same old bicycle to say hello to you. What a wonderful experience? Choose the best selling products of the season!
  • Handcraft felt cats at school

    Handcraft felt cats at school

    Reasons for recommendation Do you know why your cats are so cute and smart? Because they are all educated! What you see in “Handiwork ”today is the same school cat series as your kitten. Handmade craft makes every cat you own unique! Come on, find a partner for your cat!